Why "Jorengarenar"?
I was just scribing on a piece of paper trying to come up with cool nickname (starting from "Armageddon"), but it turned out to be one big festival of coincidences:
  • Joren means "farmer" - part of my surname has closely related meaning
  • Joren is also a variant of name George - my 3rd name!
    • The legend of Saint George and the Dragon
      • I used to be obsessed with dragons!
      • LoL champion, Garen, also is a warrior
        • I tried LoL once, on friend's account. Guess which champion?
And the best of all: I didn't even knew about all of this until told by somebody else!
Why .ga domain?
'cause it's cheap and fits with the nickname
What's your favourite programming language?
C (for reasons) and C++
How long have you been programming?
My first Hello, World! (in C++) was in 2011.